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You don’t have to travel far to experience beautiful nature: it surrounds you everywhere at Herranniemi. We are located in unique place at the shore of the lake Pielinen – just opposite side of the famous national landscape of Koli. From the surrounding areas you can also find many nature and culture resorts that you should not miss.

The area of lake Pielinen offers a lot to do and see around the year: canoeing and boat trips, hiking in the areas national parks and wilderness areas, fishing, biking, cross-country or downhill skiing and different kinds of guided tours like husky safari, icelandic horse safari and river rafting at Ruunaa. Forest wild animals such as bear, wolverine, elk and deer thrive in the forest area.
Our saunas are perfect choice to help you relax and recover after activities of the day.

Village Vuonislahti is located in the middle of beautiful North Karelia. Near the village you can find the home, atelier and wooden chapel of famous sculptress Eva Ryynänen, animal park Pikku-Kili and the large outdoor Pielinen museum. There is a village shop and cafe ”Wanhan koulun puoti” just half kilometers from Herranniemi, selling groceries and local handicrafts.
You can also get to great berry and mushroom forest right from the village. The locals organize summer markets where they sell handicrafts and food products.
You can get to the Koli national park in the summertime from Vuonislahti by ”SuviTyttö” or for pre-order by traditional wooden boat. If the weather conditions allow, in the wintertime you can drive to Koli skiing slopes in fifteen minutes – the official ice road`s length is 8 km.

The Town of Lieksa is located 30 kilometers from Herranniemi. There you can find Pielinen Museum, which is the second and lutherian and also orthodox church. City of Joensuu is the region’s commercial center. is located 80 km south of Vuonislahti.

Koli, Ruunaa and Patvinsuo – North Karelian wilderness

Koli is both a national park and a popular cross-country skiing and slalom area. Koli is Finland’s national landscape and also known for its artists. Sibelius and many other artists have sought inspiration at Koli. From Herranniemi you can drive to Koli in one hour.

  • Ruunaa rapids are located just an hour’s drive away. River rafting in a big wooden boat or rubber raft. Ruunaa is also popular with canoeists concerned and for fly-fishermen Ruunaa is a paradise. You will also find plenty of hiking trails. Near Ruunaa is also a wildlife viewing booths Erä-Eero
  • Patvinsuo national park is also located one hour’s drive from Herranniemi.
    Experience the great swamps walking on wooden pathways and sandy wilderness lake, surrounded by a 15 kilometer-long hiking paths with campfire. There are also many kind birds in the area. Close to the limit Ilomantsi the Orthodox-Karelian town center. Here, the finnish army stopped the russian army in 1944.

You’ll find also many smaller wilderness areas for hiking and get to great berry and mushroom close Vuonislahti – and enjoy your holiday in fresh air and peaceful nature.

vuonislahti culture village

Paateri – atelier, artist home and timber church of sculptor Eva Ryynänen is located just 7 kilometers by car, 5 kilometers by walking/biking path and 3 kilometers by boat from Herranniemi. At Vuonislahti you can also find village shop – cafeteria Wanhan koulun puoti, and in the summertime villagers organize summer markets and different kinds of happenings for everyone to enjoy.

spring, summer, fall

Hiking in the versatile nature resorts of North Karelia and biking in the countryside landscape, rowing or canoeing at beautiful Lake Pielinen. Also wooden motor boat trips to lake Pielinen and Paateri are organized in the summertime. Passenger ship SuviTyttö is offering daily transfer between Vuonislahti and Koli from midsummer to august.

During the late summer / fall picking berries and mushrooms, in the spring- and summertime edible wild herbs.


Ice-fishing on the lake, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing on the frozen lake, village skiing track or Koli`s versatile skiing opportunities. At Koli there are also great downhill skiing slopes and an unique landscape spa. When the ice thickness allows, official ice road is leading you to Koli, starting just half kilometers from Herranniemi. Lenght of the ice road is 8 kilometers, so it takes only fifteen minutes to the other side of the lake – and the drive is unique experience itself. Also ice skating track is available when weather conditions allow.

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